Booking Calendars


To book the Grade 6 grouprooms, log in to the appropriate calendar and book the room making sure you use your room number, name and correct date and time.

Group 6 Grouprooms:

  • 6A Grouproom M110

  • 6B Grouproom M206

  • 6C Grouproom M313


Please view the comprehensive calendar to check the availability of facilities.  You can request to book any one or a combination of the following areas or computer facilities  by completing this BOOKING FORM.  For questions please email directly to Jamin Bookhamer, MS Library Media Specialist,  or Premela Sekaran, Library Assistant.  Alternatively you may call to book at extensions 6417 or 6420. First priority would be given to MS teacher bookings. 


Contact Corey Gilliam in the HS Theater Tech Department.


Questions? Contact Zana Mamat